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We are currently Creating Something Awesome.

About Us

We are making your building environment enjoyable.

JESI JENGAKISANIFU LIMITED is a Tanzanian based construction company that is aiming at developing, licensing and supervising various construction projects from Design to final stage of its execution by combining innovation, technology and smart workmanship. Originally founded to develop and supervise customary ideas and concepts to the best execution by combining designers’ and builders’ eye altogether to ensure better result of the build environment.

What we Offer

Architectural Designs, Structural Designs, Service Designs, Landscape Designs, Bills of Quantities, Construction Supervisions.

Architectural Designs

We involve the creativity and technical aspects in setting up the basis of a project or an idea together with you as our almighty client covering and meeting the needs and demands of you. We are here to ensure the better experience from different areas in the world comes to you as we dedicate to update our workforce skills on architectural world of technology and creativity. The area of focus of our work is wide spread from the private project to institutional projects for Residential buildings, Commercial facilities, Entertainment facilities, Health facilities, etc.

Structural Designs

Comes to the nature, considering everything we are building came from the study of nature, assume you have remove/alter the strength of your skeletal system (bones and muscles) and find what will happen. You will disturb the support, body shape, stability, rigidity and so on, hence all the same as to the building construction. This is all about translating the Architect’s product professionally into how it will be built to ensure the strength, shape and all what biological structure provides similar to the building structure. Basically, It is the analysis based on paper that aims to bring out the ingredients of the building and its parameters for each elements such as Columns, Beams, Slab, Roof structure, etc for the better decision making to the real world project. This structure designs are integrated with those of other designers such as architects and building services engineer and often supervise the construction of projects by contractors on site.

Service Designs

We are working with human, all our activities has been geared by better and comfort experience of different service station while considering to reduce the chance of the end-user suffer from our final physical world rendered service. This is all about planning on inducing the life into the building. Basically, it explains the power and fluid flow into the building. The explanation from these drawings will answer different questions on how the building is a living creation by inducing different significant systems such as electrical systems, plumbing systems, ventilation systems and many more for the comfort of the end-user

Landscape Designs

Our design capability considering the arts of arranging the features of a client site for aesthentic and/or practical reasons. The existing hardscape (the non-living elements) as well as softscape (living elements) can be considered to be retained or to be modify/ displaced.

Bills of Quantities

We are considering the economical part in construction that can assist our customer to know how he can gather resources, how he can make a better plan before commencing the Project where. With this service, a client will know what, how many, when and for how much and for how long will the material be needed to assist with the construction. We will assist a client to prepare a document that will include all of this type of things, this Document is crucial for many projects not only for construction, this document is what the title signifies. These Bills will yield into quantities of various items in construction procedures such as materials, laborers, time frame, transportation, contingency and overheads as well as to configure the cost implication of each. From this documentation, we will also evaluate in details how much will be needed to charge for the construction permits, government taxes such as VAT and any other required charges.

Construction Supervisions.

Basically, this is controlling each of the above services resulting into perfecting a customer’s dream. Putting all five eyes of these professionals together into a single platform to cater the client’s investment of the project. Management of the products is clearly taken into considerations by the Project Manager.

Contact Us

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